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US-2006180246-A1: Process for producing ge-added nb3al base superconducting wire material patent, US-2006226643-A1: Gas bag module for a vehicle occupant restraint device patent, US-2006235702-A1: Audio font output device, font database, and language input front end processor patent, US-2006242399-A1: Methods and apparatus to facilitate fast restarts in processor systems patent, US-2006250328-A1: Plasma display apparatus patent, US-2006256879-A1: Rapid I/O Traffic System patent, US-2007013463-A1: Film bulk acoustic wave resonator and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2007021866-A1: Dispenser tray for a vending machine patent, US-2007039560-A1: Pet restraining device patent, US-2007068215-A1: Hollow stepped shaft and method of forming the same patent, US-2007088998-A1: Serializer/deserializer circuit for jitter sensitivity characterization patent, US-2007095824-A1: Accessory for domestic microwave ovens patent, US-2007144992-A1: Rack with linear guide patent, US-2007164825-A1: Reduced-size sensor circuit patent, US-2007226161-A1: Device, method and computer program readable medium for support of maintaining a system patent, US-2007251941-A1: Modular microwave processing system patent, US-2007252407-A1: Latch arrangement patent, US-2007253617-A1: Contour triangulation system and method patent, US-2007258106-A1: Communication Terminal Device with Timestamp Function patent, US-2007270539-A1: Thermoplastic Resin Composition patent, US-2007285064-A1: Method and system for discharging a capacitive element patent, US-2008040094-A1: Proxy For Real Time Translation of Source Objects Between A Server And A Client patent, US-2008044283-A1: Elastomeric bearing with heatable shims patent, US-2008056439-A1: Multi-use CT scanning apparatus patent, US-2008057875-A1: Automatic adjustment circuit for amplitude of differential signal patent, US-2008081876-A1: Methods for making fiber reinforced polystyrene composites patent, US-2008125356-A1: Stable Growth Hormone Liquid Formulation patent, US-2008159196-A1: Method and system for controlling power in a communication system patent, US-2008171803-A1: Pathogen-resistant coatings patent, US-2008181240-A1: System and method of CPE stored data collection patent, US-2008236261-A1: Power turbine test apparatus patent, US-2008238121-A1: Acoustic panel assembly patent, US-2008251309-A1: All Wheel Steering Scooter patent, US-2008283672-A1: Drive system for a variable camber aircraft wing patent, US-2008310329-A1: Method and Apparartus for Mitigating Psp Interference Psp-Enabled Communication Systems patent, US-2008315569-A1: Riding lawnmower outrigger patent, US-2009021490-A1: Display system patent, US-2009023371-A1: Power-Driven Hand Tool patent, US-2009040893-A1: Optical pickup device and optical disk device patent, US-2009044633-A1: Deformation Sensor Bearing Comprising at Least Three Strain Gauges patent, US-2009069075-A1: Gaming Machine With Player-Centric Rewards patent, US-2009069427-A1: Alpha-2-delta ligands for non-restorative sleep patent, US-2009086535-A1: Semiconductor array patent, US-2009109066-A1: Wireless wheel-sensor system for dead reckoning navigation applications patent, US-2009184055-A1: Method for recycling of oil based drilling fluid contaminated with water and water contaminated with oil based drilling fluid patent, US-2009193128-A1: Call Connection Processing Method And Message Transmission/Reception Proxy Apparatus patent, US-2009220321-A1: Fastening metal fitting patent, US-2009257799-A1: Powder container, cleaning device, and image forming apparatus patent, US-2010019902-A1: Portable security system and method patent, US-2010027115-A1: lens structure for an autostereoscopic display device patent, US-2010053029-A1: Mobile projected sets patent, US-2010077189-A1: Computer system having music playing function patent, US-2004028152-A1: Continuous self-calibration of internal analog signals patent, US-2004064554-A1: Network service system and mechanism for searching service registries patent, US-2004065604-A1: Waste processing and recovery system patent, US-2004068374-A1: Method and apparatus for correcting tire nonuniformity patent, US-2004085759-A1: Dual function exterior light fixture patent, US-2004093839-A1: Intake system patent, US-2004098001-A1: Disposable scalpel with retractable blade patent, US-2004108356-A1: Adapter device for placing clips instead of staples in a frame assembling machine patent, US-2004109998-A1: Treatment of filament yarns to provide spun-like characteristics and yarns and fabrics produced thereby patent, US-2004116157-A1: Multi-branch planar antennas having multiple resonant frequency bands and wireless terminals incorporating the same patent, US-2004119754-A1: Context-sensitive interface widgets for multi-modal dialog systems patent, US-2004146676-A1: Flexible hose patent, US-2004175676-A1: Electroactive Polymer Actuator Braille Cell and Braille Display patent, US-2004244620-A1: Plate-making method, plate-making apparatus used in such plate-making method, and image recording material patent, US-2005046264-A1: Piece of seating and/or reclining furniture for the outside patent, US-2005091867-A1: Hand-held hair dryer and holder assembly patent, US-2005160992-A1: Substrate gripping apparatus patent, US-2005161800-A1: Semiconductor device socket and semiconductor device connecting method using anisotropic conductive sheet patent, US-2005182719-A1: Method and system for automated traffic citation payment and processing patent, US-2005183519-A1: Injection needle and method for transferring a representative fluid sample into a sample bottle by means of a such injection needle patent, US-2005183579-A1: Tea bag squeezer patent, US-2005185964-A1: Dispersion compensation apparatus including a fixed dispersion compensator for coarse compensation and a variable dispersion compensator for fine compensation patent, US-2005194990-A1: Wafer-level opto-electronic testing apparatus and method patent, US-2005209884-A1: Method, system and computer program product for providing medical information patent, US-2005225704-A1: Reflection-type liquid crystal display device and fabrication process thereof patent, US-2005237087-A1: Low voltage current monitoring circuit patent, US-2005245828-A1: Ultrasound imaging apparatus and method of ultrasound imaging patent, US-2006005474-A1: Emergency safe haven patent, US-2006039194-A1: Thin-film magnetic memory device executing data writing with data write magnetic fields in two directions patent, US-2006135918-A1: Reusable drug delivery device patent, US-2006163523-A1: Straight-oil finishing composition and fiber yarn treated therewith patent, US-2006165287-A1: Photo and text discriminating method patent, US-2006165529-A1: Air circulation system-driven, suspended rotating display device patent, US-2006170253-A1: Energy absorber, a method for making an energy absorber, and several items which include such an energy absorber patent, US-2006177793-A1: Intraoral illumination device patent, US-2006186843-A1: Method and apparatus for controlling motor patent, US-2006204586-A1: Time release calcium sulfate matrix for bone augmentation patent, US-2006216375-A1: Methods and Apparatus for the Reduction of Moisture Variability in Large Cheese Blocks patent, US-2006283077-A1: Cut flower packaging patent, US-2007036206-A1: Method and device for facsimile communication capable of completing communication even when there is disruption to communication patent, US-2007094666-A1: Resource managing method, resource managing apparatus, resource managing program, and storage medium patent, US-2007114749-A1: Body weight-activated scooter patent, US-2007168053-A1: Framework for automatically analyzing I/O performance problems using multi-level analysis patent, US-2007177163-A1: Method of and device for thickness measurement of thick petrochemical films on water surface patent, US-2007229394-A1: Headup display apparatus patent, US-2007234478-A1: Cardiography Imaging Aids patent, US-2007267614-A1: Equipment cover lifting device patent, US-2007288047-A1: Blood withdrawal system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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